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Services Offered

Sound Production

The significance of what resonates with the ear is just as vital as what captures the eye. Our operational hub in Atlanta is dedicated to offering audio solutions tailored for concerts, festivals, corporate functions, and live events. Equipped with an extensive array of state-of-the-art audio systems, we collaborate with top-tier technicians to craft a dynamic and memorable live sound experience. Our approach is meticulously calibrated to align with the unique needs and budget of your event, seamlessly integrating all auditory elements with lighting and video for a cohesive and impactful presentation.

Lighting Production

Crafting the perfect lighting concepts has the power to metamorphose any venue into a brilliantly illuminated spectacle. Lighting stands at the core of our services, and our extensive inventory, accessible from virtually anywhere in the country, encompasses cutting-edge automated lighting fixtures, conventional fixtures, control consoles, truss and rigging equipment, as well as dimming systems and power distribution. Whether it's orchestrating the illumination for large-audience stage performances or curating an intimate atmosphere for corporate and private events, we provide seamless lighting solutions. Our technicians, renowned as some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field, ensure that light becomes the captivating essence for the eyes. For decades, we've quenched the thirst of many who seek to witness something new.

Video Solutions

Our forte lies in curating the perfect video effects for shows and hybrid events. We bring our clients the advantages of our enthusiasm and expertise in the latest technologies. Armed with a comprehensive inventory of top-tier video systems, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in introducing cutting-edge technologies to live events. Whether it's private or corporate events, award shows, concerts and festivals, or publicized gatherings, we consistently deliver the enchantment of big-screen motion to captivate your audiences on every occasion.

Special FX

Our team contributes to establishing the emotional connection you desire your audience to experience. Whether it's audience-scanning lasers, precisely choreographed graphics, or dynamic flames for your concert, tour, or event, we excel at bringing your ideas to life and making them truly spectacular.


Services Offered
Parallel Lines

House Of Worship

Solutions for Houses of Worship:
  • Fireworks displays

  • Sound production

  • Lighting production

  • Video solutions

Whether your church plans to arrange a community event culminating in a fireworks display or desires lighting and audio improvements for praise and worship, we possesses extensive expertise in partnering with various houses of worship throughout the country.



Event production for both private and corporate occasions encompasses a comprehensive range of services, spanning sound, lighting, and video production solutions, as well as special effects and fireworks displays tailored for announcements, launches, celebrations, annual meetings, and various other events.

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